The world is upside down right now, because of the pandemic (COVID-19). We have to face a new challenge every day. The COVID-19 pandemic has drastically changed the way we live, from our work to school to social lives. If you are feeling stressed then continue reading these 10 ways to self-care during covid:

Covid-19 Prevention

1. Stay Home! step out only if there is an emergency. Stay away from others, avoid meeting and social gatherings. 

2. Stay in touch with your doctor if you feel any symptoms consult your doctor, Call before you go to any health care setting.

3. Wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. Don’t forget to wear your mask all time and carry sanitizer whenever you step outside.

4. Take Care of yourself. Good nutrition is always important, during stressful times there’s nothing better than a healthy and tasty homemade meal especially made by you. Find a recipe online, ask a friend or family member for a recipe. Eat healthy foods and drink lots of fluids and also get plenty of rest. 

5. Keep your house clean so that you feel peace staying in there. Clean and disinfect your house so that you are well protected from the virus.

6. Beauty sleep is very important. This is a great time to be well-rested. Sleep on time, wake up meditate, exercise, do your skincare and pray for a healthy mind.

7. Take a break from the news we’re all feeling extremely stressed by coronavirus updates right now. It’s important to stay updated but if it’s creating tension then try to limit your media intake a couple of times and only trust authentic news sources. Unfollow social media accounts if that’s bringing too much negativity. 

8. Relieve your anxieties. Call your friends or family and enjoy catching up if you haven’t talked in awhile. Do it now! 

9. Music can make us feel so much better. Make a playlist according to your mood and listen guaranteed you will feel better! If you love reading go to your bookshelf and choose and read your old favorite book and if you don’t have a book. An E-book is the best option.

10. Distraction can be a good thing from what’s going on in the world. Learn something new, think of something that you always wanted to do but could not due to limited time or hectic schedule. Get into drawing or learning a musical instrument It’s a great time to start. Learn from YouTube it is a great free online tutorial for pretty much everything.

To reduce stress, anxiety and to boost your mental. Try one or more of these suggestions.

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