Best Facial Sheet Masks Brand available in India

Sheet masks have become main in many of our daily skincare routines. They are most valued for showing instant results and giving a facial effect in just 15-20 minutes. Basically, sheet masks are soaked in a serum that absorbs into the skin providing various skin benefits while making the skin healthy & glowing. Each brand makes sheet masks in several variants to tackle different face skin issues. So when was the last time you put down a sheet mask on your face? You have not tried it? So you have been looking forward to trying out for the first time. Then here is a number of the most popular facial sheet mask brands available in India. You definitely need to try at least one of these, if you haven’t already tried. All of these facial sheet masks are available in India at an affordable cost.


Masking- Best Facial Sheet Masks Brand in India
MasKing – Best Facial Sheet Masks Brands in India

MasKing is an Indian Brand of Skincare products like facial sheet masks, and facial wipes, Owned by Innotex Inc.  They have products for both men and women, suitable for all skin types and combinations.

MasKing offers various products like Facial Sheet Masks, Cleansers, Removers, Nose Strip, moisturizers, and masks to fight acne and acne-related problems for any skin type. Their entire range of products is specially designed for Skin moisturizing, lightening, brightening, and toning your skin.

From their starting price range to their high end professional Facial Sheet Masks, they deliver all good and affordable products. They have an entire huge line of Facial Sheet Masks, suitable for every skin type.

Price range is from 89 INR and above.

categorized into Three types:

  1. Masking Diva
  2. Masking Beauty
  3. Teen

Masking Diva range has mixed Fruit sheet mask, Flower, Marine, and Herbal.

This sheet mask with dual ingredients has a dual benefit of healing skin and providing an effect on the skin.


  • Fast and Quick Delivery:

Prime Delivery Option; Fast and convenient delivery.

  • Save your Money:

Discounts on wide range of Skincare & beauty products.

  • Secure payment option

Secure & Fast Multi Payment Option Available.

Website: www.themasking.com


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2. The Face Shop

The Face Shop - Best Facial Sheet Masks Brand in India
The Face Shop -Best Facial Sheet Masks Brand

The Face Shop is inspired by nature and believes that there is natural beauty to everyone. They are probably the first Korean facial sheet masks brand to officially come into India. They come into a variety of variants. The Real Nature Range has Lemon, Mung Bean, Kelp, Rice, Honey, Olive, Shea Butter, Lotus, Peony, Red Ginseng variants to name a few. The Solution Range has Radiance, Brightening, Pearl, Soothing, Wrinkle Care, Pore Care, and so on. The face shop facial sheet mask price range is from 100 INR and above.

3. Innisfree

Innis Free - Best Facial Sheet Masks Brand in India
InnisFree – Best facial Sheet Masks Brand

Following The Face Shop, Innisfree was launched in India in the same year opening stores in Delhi and few other cities. It was only available online on Nykaa.com, they became easily accessible to people across various cities. The widely popular ones are the It’s Real Squeeze Masks, which comes in Rose, Bija, Lime, Cucumber, Strawberry, Blueberry, Kiwi, Bamboo, etc., followed by the Skin Clinic Masks which come in variants of Vitamin C, Collagen, BHA, Madecassoside, Hyaluronic Acid, etc. Innisfree sheet masks are priced at 100 INR and above.

4. Garnier

Garnier - Best Facial Sheet Masks Brand in India
Garnier – Best Facial Sheet Mask Brand

Garnier skin care like facial sheet masks products is regarded in several countries as one of the most trusted brands particularly in Asia, China & India. In India, it is available on all ecommerce and its own website on www.garnier.in.

Several products of Garnier have been featured on Good Housekeeping and won categorical awards on Allure’s Best of Beauty

Garnier Sheet Masks are priced at rs.100 INR and above.

Top Products:

  1. Garnier Light Complete Serum Sheet Mask
  2. Garnier Sakura White Serum Sheet Mask
  3. Garnier Hydra Bomb Pomegranate Facial Sheet Mask

5. Inatur Herbals

Inatur Herbals - Best facial Sheet Masks Brand in India
Inatur Herbals – Best Facial Sheet Masks Brand

Inatur is the only Indian Brand to make their own facial sheet masks. The best thing about Inatur Herbals, they are 100% natural, chemical free and not tested on animals. These facial sheet masks are made with plant derived natural fiber that would do no harm to the skin. They are available in 6 and more variants namely, Rose, Charcoal, Sandalwood, Cucumber, Pomegranate and Honey and more. Inatur Herbals sheet masks are priced at 100 INR and above.

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