Serum Mask

Do you love facial sheet mask sessions? They are easy to use, hassle-free, and so relaxing. Sheet masks are mini spa sessions at home. Each sheet mask comes in a separate pouch loaded with a serum which is for one-time use only. Before throwing the sheet mask packet away have you carefully looked into the packet? If not then you are missing all the goodness. There is always excess serum in the packet to keep the mask super hydrated by the time you open and use it. The extra essence can be reused. Don’t Waste A Single Drop of Serum.

Sheet Mask

Here are 5 ways in which you can use your sheet mask leftovers and you can use it and reap some added skin benefits.

1. Apply The Serum To Your Chest & Neck As Well

Apply the leftover serum to your neck and chest. Pour some serum onto your palms and gently massage your neck and chest. Massaging your skin with the leftover essence after you’re done masking can help lock the moisture and make your skin feel hydrated and glowing.

2. Use It All Over Your Body

Put that rich serum to good use. Skincare is not only limited to the face, Don’t forget your body Apply the serum all over your body anywhere that needs some extra loving!

3. Store It In An Airtight Container

Don’t let the serum go to waste, squeeze out the extra serum from the packet and pour it into an empty container. You can apply the serum after some time it will give you a double dose of serum and a serious glow. 

4. Mix It Up

Mix essence with your favorite moisturizer. Apply it all over your face, neck, or anywhere. This will seal your glow to the fullest. 

5. Make A DIY mask

If there’s a lot of excess serum left in the packet you can DIY a sheet mask of your own. Refrigerate the packet and let the serum soak up in a dry cotton sheet mask for a few minutes before applying and then you are good to go! Don’t let the essence go to waste, use it to your best.

These helpful tips will help you to get the most out of your product and save you some money!

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