The Second Wave of COVID-19 is back again. It’s a scary time right now. There are a lot of uncertainties and unknowns, and it’s really hard to stay calm. Distraction can be a good thing to keep yourself busy. Staying at home may limit you but that’s not boring for sure. There are plenty of fun things you can do in lockdown. From learning a language to cooking, dancing, cleaning your wardrobe, to writing a novel. 

20 Fun Productive things you can do while isolating at home during lockdown:

1. Write a Journal

Writing down your thoughts can help to destress and can help you to process and release your feelings. The best thing about journaling is that you can write whatever you want, whenever you want. Write about your day, goals, bucket list, or simply doodle. You can also write down your worries, observations, things that you are grateful for, or simply anything you like.

2. Spend quality time with your Family

Since you have a lot of time at home, due to lockdown spend it wisely with your loved ones. Lockdown is the best opportunity to spend some great time with your family. Spend time talking and laughing with your dear ones. Play various games with your parents & little ones. Create some precious moments that you will cherish for a lifetime.

3. Learn a Language 

Have you ever said that you wanted to learn French, Spanish, or any other language but could not since you are always occupied by work. Remember all those times and your time is now! You have plenty of time now to learn and acquire a new language from your home itself. Watch Youtube tutorial videos you can learn a new language free of cost from your home.

4. Take a Course

Don’t waste your precious time! The time is now to learn why not opt for a course? There are various free and paid courses available. Courses can help you to gain more knowledge plus certification that will help you in your career. Learn new skills and keep your boredom away.

5. Skincare Routine

It’s enough time to indulge in some beauty rituals. From cleansing to a facial sheet mask, follow the skincare rituals that’ll help you destress during these times while staying at home. Enjoy and pamper your skin. Use Sheet masks they are soaked in a serum that absorbs into the skin providing various skin benefits making the skin healthy & glowing. 

6. Learn to play an Instrument 

Dust off that guitar that’s lying in your storeroom or any other instrument. With so much free time, it’s time you get back to what you truly enjoy and if you don’t know how to play an instrument. There are ample online music courses available ranging from beginner to advanced levels. 

 7. Learn to Cook

 Food can make everyone happy! During stressful times there’s nothing better than a healthy and tasty homemade. Take over your kitchen during the lockdown and prepare various tasty cuisines and snacks for you and your dear ones at home. If you don’t know how to cook, the best time to learn is now. Find a recipe online, ask a friend or family member for a recipe. 

8.Clean and Organize 

While you are home it’s time to declutter your wardrobe. Get rid of all the clothes that don’t fit you or the ones that you are not going to wear again. Give them to your friends and family or donate them to charity. Also, keep your house clean and well organized so that you feel good staying home. Clean and disinfect your house so that you are well protected from the virus.

9. Start a Blog

If you love writing, why not start writing blogs online? You got enough time to use it to the fullest. Try something new, it’s time to get creative!

10. Get Fit

Missing the gym due to lockdown? Working out at home can be fun too. Try something new nobody is watching you. You can do whatever you want. Try different types of workouts that will be beneficial for both your mind and body. Meditating can help to overcome stress, anxiety, depression and will boost your mood. Make a daily habit of closing your eyes for a few minutes and breathe in and out. You will feel relaxed.

11. Read a Book or Listen to a Podcast

Turn off the news for a bit and indulge yourself in a good book. What better way to get things out of your mind, lose yourself in a book. Read your favorite old book or a new one and if you don’t have a book. An E-book is the best option. If you like listening to podcasts do so.

12. Write a Novel

Writing is therapeutic. You got plenty of extra time, If you love writing why not writing a novel? Start it from today!

13. Take a break from Social Media

Take a break from endlessly scrolling on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. It’s great to stay updated with what’s going on right now, but if it’s creating stress then limit your media. Unfollow social media accounts if that doesn’t bring joy.

14. Help Others

Older people are more vulnerable right now, so help them if they need anything like groceries or medicines. Just remember to maintain social distancing while you do so. If you’re in the position to donate and help the needy or poor, do it. 

15. Write Letters to your Friends

There is nothing more special than a handwritten card for someone you love. Write letters to your loved ones. It’s a difficult time. We are in this together! Let’s make your dear ones feel loved and care for. 

16. Binge Watch

Start watching something that makes you smile. It could be a silly show on Netflix, a funny video on YouTube, Instagram, or Facebook

17. Listen to Music

Good music sets the mood and makes you stay happy no matter where you are. Make your playlist of your favorite songs or listen to new songs. It will make you feel better.

18. Play Games

If you love playing games you have enough time to do what you love! Playing video games is a great option to pass time. PlayStation, Xbox, or Microsoft Storeare other ways to play. 

19. Decorate Your House

Why not bring certain good changes, Start it with your own house. Redecorate your own house you will feel very happy seeing the outcome. 

20. Online Shopping

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